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What’s in a Name? Progressive vs. Regressive Taxation

When it comes to tax policy, political passions can make all the math, jargon, and technicalities of economics even harder to follow than usual, as terms like “progressive” and “regressive” are hurled back and forth.


The importance of ethics in taxation

Any discussion of ethics at its core involves understanding right and wrong. This may seem simple on the surface, but as anyone who has studied philosophy will readily admit, there is much more complexity to this practice. In professions like tax preparation, accountancy, and other similar professions, ethical questions are likely to arise on a […]


What it takes to become a CPA

Not all practicing accountants in the U.S. are designated Certified Public Accountants (CPA), but it remains a sought-after credential for many in the industry. As of 2016, according to the first-ever census of CPAs in the U.S. conducted by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, more than 664,000 Americans were actively licensed as […]


5 tax myths and how to help clients understand them

Few subjects have remained as reliably controversial throughout history as tax law. Even the much-maligned IRS has a tongue-in-cheek collection of quotes on taxes from historical figures on its website. Clearly, those who study tax law and work with clients on a daily basis understand the public’s frustration with taxation. After all, a recent study […]


How property taxes work in the U.S.

Many governments around the world levy a tax on the value of property. In the United States, some form of tax on property or land ownership has been in use since colonial times. Property tax is levied and administered at the local and sometimes state level, most commonly affecting homeowners, businesses and some other forms […]


International tax: How the U.S. stacks up

Taxation is a major topic of political and economic discussion, but Americans may not give much thought to how they fare compared to taxpayers in other countries. Examining the key similarities and differences of U.S. tax policy and law against the rest of the world provides some interesting insights into our comparative strengths and weaknesses. […]