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Find resources about selecting an Online Master’s in Taxation Program and earning your degree with Northeastern University.

Big 4 or Local Accounting Firm: Which Path is For You?

With an advanced certification, you could choose between working at one of the “Big Four” certified public accounting firms or at a regional CPA office.

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Communication and Critical Thinking Skills Needed by Tax Professionals

Tax professionals working in the field must possess many skills including soft skills such as effective communication skill in both writing and in person.

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Taxation or Accounting: Which Master’s Degree is Right for You?

Your choice between a graduate degree in taxation or accounting depends on what option best fits your lifestyle, schedule, and study habits.

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Should You Get a Master’s Degree in Taxation or Financial Planning?

By understanding the key differences between a Master of Taxation and a Master of Financial Planning, you can determine which is degree right for you.

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The Importance of Ethics in Taxation

In professions like tax preparation, ethical questions are likely to arise on a regular basis, which require professionals to make informed judgments.

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Six Issues in Taxation

Taxation is an important, often debated financial topic. In this infographic, we put together the most talked about issues and what they mean for you.

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