Math and Business Resource for Kids

If you want to succeed, you’ll need strong math skills. Whether or not you own your own business you have to know basic such as multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and how to solve word problems. Play these games and do these activities to practice your math and business skills and have fun at the same time. Then, you can take fun quizzes to see how well you know your facts.

Papa’s Cheeseria

Manage a grilled cheese business by serving customers and earning tips. You’ll need to get your customers their orders as quickly as possible to keep them happy.

Making Math More Fun (PDF)

This booklet has printable board games you can play as well as ideas for fun activities that will help you practice your math skills.

Counting Money

As you practice counting money, you will add more and more to your aquarium. Levels progress from counting values under a dollar to counting up to 10 dollars and counting to 100 dollars.

Pop Penguin and the Place Value Race

Solve the puzzles you see in this game to help Pop Penguin win the race. You’ll earn coins while also working to keep Pop away from the infinite loop.

Equivalent Amounts of Money

Look at the coins shown on the game board and choose the second group of coins that equals the same value.

Simple Math Games to Play at Home With a Deck of Cards (PDF)

The card game War helps you compare numbers to know which is bigger. You can also play addition, subtraction, multiplication, or fraction war.

Math Games to Play With Your Kids (PDF)

You can play many math games with just a deck of cards. Practice your addition and subtraction by playing a game like Salute or War.

Tally Up

Count the flowers using tally marks to keep track of the flowers you see in this game.

Break the Bank

The Break the Bank game involves managing a bank and customers to make sure employees get their paychecks and customers get loans they need.

The Math Board Games Book (PDF)

Print out bingo cards and other math boards to play all kinds of fun and educational math games.

Do You Have Enough Money?

Play this game to see whether you have enough money to buy items you need or want to purchase.

Dice and Card Games to Practice Math Facts (PDF)

Playing the game of Go Fish is fun when you have to make your pairs of cards add up to a certain number, such as seven or nine.

Lemonade Stand Game

To manage this lemonade stand, you will need to know how to count money and give change back to your customers.

Ice Cream Truck

The Ice Cream Truck game involves buying the ingredients you need, making ice cream treats, and selling them to customers. If you make enough money, you can move on to the next city.

Cryptogram Math Worksheet

Look at the cryptogram shown on this worksheet and try to figure out the numbers represented by the letters.

Questions for Kids: Math Quiz One

Test your math skills by answering the questions in this math quiz. You will see addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions.

Math Quiz for Kids

The questions in this math quiz test you on your basic math knowledge and skills.

Win-Win Math Games (PDF)

Everybody can be a winner when you play these games that are designed to teach you and be fun at the same time.

Simple Math Quiz With Answers for Kids

Try to take about two seconds to answer every question in this quiz. When you finish, check your answers to see how much you know about math.

Addition of Three Two-Digit Numbers Quiz

For this quiz, you will see three two-digit numbers, which you need to add. Enter your answer and submit it to see if you got the problem right.

Kids’ Addition Quiz

See how fast you can answer these math facts by clicking the numbers at the bottom of the screen to enter the answers.

Third-Grade Word Problem Quiz

Test your word problem skills by solving these multiple-choice problems. There are 10 questions to answer.

Number-Maker: A Card Game to Practice Place Value

You’ll need a deck of cards and some paper to play this game. Each player takes turns drawing cards and writing the numbers in digit positions on the paper to make the biggest five-digit number possible.

War With Math

Two players play this game with a standard deck of cards. Decide whether you will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. After both players turn over a card, the first player to use both numbers on the cards for the chosen operation gets to keep the cards.

Mathematics for the Fun of It

Play a game called Open for Business to build math skills and understand what’s involved with selling products to customers.

Five Games for Second-Grade Math

Play games with dice to practice your adding skills, or play bingo to use your addition or subtraction knowledge.

Math for the Fun of It

These fun math activities are enjoyable, and you can learn while you play. Guessing the coins or guessing an unknown number can sharpen your math skills.

Hot Chocolate Math

Hot Chocolate Math involves paper cups of cocoa with simple equations on the cups. You have to add marshmallows to equal the problems.

Making Math More Fun (PDF)

The Basketball Facts game involves throwing a ball into the hoop while calling out number facts.

Family Math Games (PDF)

Play games such as Rolling for Tens: This game involves combinations of numbers that equal 10.


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