MST Careers

MST Graduate

Learn how an online MST from Northeastern University can support your present career while opening up new career paths and opportunities.

What to Know About a Career as an International Tax Manager

There are several career paths available to professionals interested in tax management, each with similar obligations but varying scopes of responsibility.

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What a Career as a Tax Auditor Could Look Like

A tax auditor is a financial professional specifically concerned with taxation issues as they relate to businesses. Learn more about this career.

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Non-profit vs. For-Profit Taxation Career

Choosing whether to work in the private or public sector may be difficult for some, as both options present many career options.

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Working for The IRS: Learn More About This Government Employer

For many tax professionals and recent graduates of Master of Science in Taxation programs, working for the IRS may be a perfect fit.

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Is a Leadership Role Right for Your Taxation Career?

Earning a Master of Taxation degree can mean more responsibility and a larger role in your career, but are you prepared to succeed in a leadership position?

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Tips for Building a Strong Tax Practice

What makes a good tax professional? What’s essential is juggling the rules and requirements of the law, balanced against the delicate needs of employers.

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