Online MBA Program Student Spotlight: Travis Ramkissoon

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For me, it was just a matter of, hey, I need to work full time while I’m getting my education simply because I was getting married at the time. I was, you know, trying to find my way through my career path at that time. I was like, no, I want to be able to set myself up so I can expand my horizons within a good span of like two to three years, so I knew an MBA was the right way to go. I just needed it in a more convenient format for my life, and I knew online was where I needed to be.  I mean, everything is going towards an online format these days, right?

It just so happened that Northeastern, it’s just my interaction with the folks here, it was just so personal. It was very intimate. They made me feel as if I was not a number and they made me feel as if like, hey, we want you as a student. Being in the comfort of your own home, being able to utilize your own technology to meet with your professors and your classmates, I think that was a great, great element of the online MBA.

Faculty here at Northeastern, they’ve been so gracious towards me. I’ve had a lot of big events in my life during my MBA and that means getting married and having a kid and a lot of the professors were able to understand that life situation and, whether it came out to extending a deadline or moving up a deadline so I can get my work done in a faster manner, they were very gracious towards my life events.

Life happens and whether or not you finish the MBA in two years like I did or you finish it in three to four like I know some other students are.  You’re finishing and you know, you’re still living your life and you’re still doing what you’ve got to do. At the end of the day, hey, look, we’re graduating.