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Michelle: Hello everyone. Welcome to Northeastern University’s Online Master of Science and Finance webinar on the topic of Top Study Habits for Online Students. My name is Michelle and I will be your moderator for today. Before we begin, I would like to go over a couple of logistics for this presentation and address some commonly asked questions. All participants are in listen only mode and you can listen to the audio through your computer speakers. To ask questions there is a chat box on the top left hand side of your screen and you’re more than welcome to type your questions into the Q&A box and hit the “submit” button. We will address all questions at the end of the webinar session and at the same time; this event is being recorded so it can be viewed at a future time.

Now, to start off I would like to introduce your panelists for today; we have me, Michelle Yan and again, I am the moderator for today’s presentation. We also do have Khurshid Iqbal and Khurshid is the Enrollment Advisor for Northeastern University’s Online Master of Science and Finance Program. His role is to help perspective students through the application and admissions process. And in today’s webinar we will be speaking about Northeastern University and the D’Amore McKim School of Business. We will speak about the Online Master of Science and Finance Program, top study habits for working parents, we’ll discuss a little bit more regarding the admission requirements, the tuition and scholarship information and of course the Q&A session at the end of the webinar. And I would like to pass it over now to Khurshid, our Enrollment Advisor to speak a little bit more regarding the Northeastern University and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Khurshid?

Khurshid: Thank you Michelle. And good morning everybody and welcome to our webinar today. Let me begin by telling you a bit about Northeastern University and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Northeastern University was founded in 1898 and the College of Business in 1922. In 2012 we received a generous [naming] donation from two alumni, Rich D’Amore and Alan McKim in the amount of $60 million, hence the name D’Amore-McKim School of Business. The D’Amore-McKim School of Business has a distinguished history and a reputation for excellent in teaching, learning and research which we are very proud of.

Next I would also like to discuss our rankings and accreditation. We are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, otherwise known as AACSB and also by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Both of which represent the most highly regarded accreditation in the United States. Also, we are very proud of our ranking, U.S News and World Report ranks Northeastern University’s Online Graduate Business Programs as number 18 which is tied in the United States in the Best Online Graduate Programs category in 2016.

So why choose Northeastern University’s Online Masters of Science and Finance Program? Now, the MS and Finance Program is a highly specialist program and it is designed for professionals wanting to move up the career ladder into senior level roles within finance or business settings. You can complete the program is as little as 16 months. It is a highly flexible program and it can be stretched to five years depending on your needs and requirements and it can also accommodate the needs for working professionals such as people who have certain periods during the year when they have to take extended time off, [they can bring that to use here]. It can also be completed 100% online with no residency requirements and be also completed completely asynchronously. You also have the option of turning your learning curve geared either towards investment track or corporate finance track.

We recently conducted a survey to unfold what the graduates have to say about our program and it was interesting to see that amongst the top reasons to attend Northeastern University were its strong reputation and the structure of the online format. Also it made the respondent more competitive in the marketplace. Majority of the members making the cohort were found within the industry itself, making the learning curve or learning experience even more productive, such as investment banking and financial services. It was also discovered that the majority of the students enrolled into the program received more managerial responsibilities which automatically resulted in both growth in position and salary.

We are here today to discuss more about the top study habits for working parents. There are many obligations such as personal obligations, professional obligations, mental preparation, there are many such obligations that we have that may seem to be prohibiting us or acting as obstacles in starting the program. Always remember there will never be a situation where we are going to be less busy or we’ll have more time. The way we are heading into this professional environment, we can only expect to get busier and situations becoming even more challenging, hence the best time is now. Now, typical examples that we have about personal obligations could be “I have a newborn baby” or “I have one coming up” or “my child has just started school.” The tip here would be identifying your study time. Ensure your family is with you and they understand your level of commitment, make sure you are in together as a family. Make schedules that are realistic and allocate time towards your personal obligations. Follow daily schedule and do not take study time for granted because it can build up if left for another time and get overwhelming.

Similarly, future engagements such as family vacations, engagements, weddings, in situations like these, keep you abreast on the weekly school schedule and review your course work and stay ahead. You have the abilities to keep yourself ahead one week. The program is highly flexible; maximize it as much as you can as per your need. You have the option to stretch the program to five years. If [unintelligible 00:07:17] accordingly you’ll schedule one during the extended breaks, the tip here would be plan ahead. Another popular one, work is too busy for me and I work too long hours. We all need to accept with time we are only going to get busier; it is not going to get any easier so the easiest moment is now. Try and make sure your employers are aware of your commitments, communicate with them on a regular basis, try to get their full cooperation. My experience tells me they will be ready to accommodate your needs as much as they can and they know that you will only end up being a more efficient employee and be an asset to them in the upcoming months and years, so speak to them, communicate with them. If you’re unable to get the support you are seeking then prepare the tasks in advance and stay ahead, take advantage of breaks, vacation times and travel times.

Have the right attitude and mindset if you have never taken an online course before then here is a great opportunity to move forward and be even more advanced, dedicate more time to get accustomed to the online environment. We are here, take advantage of the resources available to you such as student services, instructors, professors, you have 24/7 tech support available. Most importantly, prioritize the daily activities and follow the weekly activity calendars and guidelines.

Now, let’s take a look at the admissions requirements. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or above. You also need to have a minimum of five years of fulltime professional experience with the demonstration of financial, budgetary related roles and number crunching skills or official GMAT [scores] will also be needed if you do not have the work experience. You may need to submit TOEFL, IELTS and PTE academic scores if the medium if instruction in your undergraduate studies have been in languages other than in English.

Coming to the application requirements, we require official transcripts for the undergraduate and graduate course work if any with that confirmed status. All degrees then outside of United States will need to be translated and evaluated for you [U.S relevancy] and the reports will need to be submitted. Your most current resume, two professional recommendation letters will be required and a statement of intent essay. Now, let’s review tuition and scholarship options for this program. At the time of you filing for your application, you will be required to submit an application for a fee of $100, you have 10 course work to complete in the program which is 30 credits, each credit will cost you $1,513, there’s a total amount of $45,390 for the entire program.

We do accept military benefits such as post 9/11 GI Bill® and we recently also started participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program for qualifying veterans. There is more detailed information if you go onto We also encourage our returning students by providing them with Double Husky Scholarships; more details can be viewed by going online to And last but not the least, Northeaster University is also about advocating and promoting education and high learning, hence we also have in place what we call Lifetime Learning Membership which came into effect as of January 2016 and is extended to currently enrol fulltime student families. Thank you.

Michelle: Thank you Khurshid. So at this point, I would like to ask the audience to see if you have any questions that you have regarding the Online MS and Finance Program or any of the information that was discussed regarding top tips for online students, so if you have any questions, please enter the questions in the chat box now and we will be able to answer them or Khurshid will be answering them. So go ahead and [ask] the questions now. Okay Khurshid, so the first question that we do have here and the question is, this individual has been out of school for quite some time and he has lost touch of math skills, so how does this individual, you know, if he hasn’t been working with maths and analytics for a little bit of time, how would he keep up with the rest of the class? Khurshid?

Khurshid: Absolutely, that’s a great question Michelle. Now, we definitely have something in place for individuals who have been out of school for a while or for people who have had no formal education in the area of finance, which we call [unintelligible 00:13:19] finance modules and these modules are offered – these are complimentary modules which are offered at no cost to all our accepted students into the program and this gives them a good exposure into the areas such as math and statistics, finance, valuation, time value, money, accounting, financial statement analysis, you know, we do give them a head start into those topics well in advance. And this really helps them gather speed and be successful in the program so it will help them familiarize with the topics and brush up on the skills that might have gotten rusty over time, but yeah, definitely, we do have something in place for that Michelle.

Michelle: Wonderful. Khurshid, the second question we have here is by Steve and he is asking; Khurshid, you had mentioned there are two tracks in the MS and Finance Program, do you have to choose one or the other or can you combine them as well?
Khurshid: Once again a great question Steve. You can definitely do either or. You can either choose to go into the corporate side of finance or investment track or keep it as general and not [steer] yourself towards either of the tracks; you can keep it as a general master’s of science and finance. Thank you.

Michelle: Okay, great. And Khurshid, there is another question in regards to start dates, when are the start dates? I do believe that we do have a particular slide for that so I’m just going to go over here …
Respondent: So, as per the question, our next upcoming terms are summer 1 and summer 2. We do not have anything until the fall, so the next upcoming terms would be summer 1, starting on May 1st and we are still accepting applications for that with the deadline being April 10th and the next term after that will be summer 2, with classes starting on June 12th and the deadline being May 22nd.

Michelle: Khurshid, a follow up question to that is, someone, if they want to start sometime in late summer, is that possible?

Khurshid: Unfortunately we don’t – the way the program is structured and designed, the entry point core classes, the way they are structured, we don’t have anything until fall.

Michelle: Okay, great. I’m looking at the next question here … can you tell us a little bit regarding the – any type of interaction with the professors in the program?

Khurshid: The program itself is very popular for its interactive nature. Twice a week there will be live sessions where the students will have the full option of coming into the sessions and interacting with the faculty members live. One of the sessions typically is geared towards topics that are covered in the week and the other session is more geared towards the deliverables for that week, so it gives the students ample amount of opportunities to get to understand the subject that’s covered in that week and also understand what the deliverables would be like and what the expectations are. So there are – students do get many opportunities out there to interact with the faculty members live.

Michelle: Okay, thank you Khurshid. I do have a question here regarding tuition, there was a tuition slide. Are there any additional fees beyond the tuition?

Khurshid: No. So as I mentioned earlier, there is a $100 application fee at the time of you putting your application in and then it’s the per credit cost which is $1,513.

Michelle: Okay, great. I have another question here … Ty wants to ask what does a typical online MS and finance student look like? I guess what are some of – what are the typical student, sort of demographic look like?

Khurshid: Well, MS and Finance Program as I mentioned to you in the start, it’s a highly specialist program, we do attract professionals who have anywhere between 5 to 30 years of experience. Not necessarily from within the finance realm, but also somebody who has a history of demonstrated analytical skills, but somebody who has the number crunching skills would definitely qualify to apply into the program.

Michelle: Okay, wonderful. I’m just going to ask, are there any additional questions for Khurshid regarding the Online MS and Finance Program or any of the topic areas that we’ve discussed today regarding top tips for online students? If you do have any additional questions, again, please feel free to type them out in the top left hand side of the chat box and Khurshid will help answer them. Okay, so there’s a question from [Zerena], the question is, Khurshid; is there an option of taking extra online accounting classes or perhaps a certificate program as preparation for the CPA exam?

Khurshid: I’m so glad that this question has come up. Thank you [Zerena] for that question. Now, the program itself, it’s 100% finance geared, there will be very minimal focus on the areas of accounting in the program, though you are required to have accounting skills to be successful in the program, but there will be no subject that will cover topics in the accounting area. So the answer to that question of yours would be no, it is going to be completely from the finance aspect while you’re in the program here.

Michelle: Okay, great. We have another question from Steve and he mentioned that he has been out of school for quite some time, are there any courses that he can prepare? I think there was a question that was briefly answered already, but Khurshid, was there anything else that you wanted to add to this particular question? So again, I’ll reread it; so he’s been out of school for quite some time, are there any courses that can prepare him for the program itself?

Khurshid: No – it’s important for Steve to know that the program is pretty heavy on the area of math and analytics, so the more he does as practice the more he’ll be benefitting in the program. There’s nothing specific that I could prescribe or say, but the [primer] modules, it’s very strategically crafted out for individuals like yourself who have been out of school for a while and this will really bring you at par with anybody else and everybody else coming into the program same time as yourself and it will definitely help you gather that speed, absolutely.

Michelle: Okay, great thank you Khurshid. We do have another question from Scott and Scott is asking; are there any other requirements that can overcome a slightly lower undergrad GPA score?

Khurshid: This is definitely a very good question, thank you so much to Scott for that. Every case is treated unique when we look at it, though the guidelines are 3.0 GPA and five years of experience but there are different other factors that come into play such as the quality of your experience, the quantity of your experience, the recommendation letters that come in, the quality of your essay, your [unintelligible 00:21:51], your succession in your previous experience or career, they all will play a factor in deciding your candidacy, it’s not just the GPA . So even if your GPA is a little on the lower side or a little under 3.0, there will be other factors that will play a role at that point and I’m ready to discuss this on a one on one basis, shoot me an email or give me a call and I’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you, considering every case is unique Scott.

Michelle: Okay, great. Now, are there any additional questions for Khurshid today? And again, if there are additional questions, please type them in in the chat box on the top left hand corner and we will try to get to them as best as possible. Great, so at this point –

Khurshid: Great, it seems I have a great audience!

Michelle: It certainly does! Okay, so at this point, I don’t believe there are any additional questions. I have put up a slide with Khurshid’s contact information, you will see Khurshid’s email address, phone number and extension and if you do want to schedule an appointment to speak with Khurshid in regards to your individual requirements in terms of your background, feel free to have that information, you know, copy down that information that Khurshid will certainly follow up with you, today or in the next day or so. But this is all the time we have for today. Thank you to everyone for participating in today’s Northeastern University’s Online Master of Science and Finance webinar. This does conclude our session and I do hope everyone have a great day.
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