Online Master of Finance Student Spotlight: Scott Desmond

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Scott shares why he chose to earn his Master of Science in Finance online and how it built upon his experience and pre-existing knowledge.


My name is Scott Desmond. I completed the online master of science and finance. I work in financial services and asset management in downtown Boston. Currently, I do derivative operations which involves handling everything from swaps, futures and options, once they’ve been traded right through to maturity.

I chose this program because I wanted to further my career and move more into the investment management side of the business and this program offered me the flexibility to do my work from home without having to commute into Boston to take classes.

The thing that I would tell any friends or colleagues is that it’s a great program from the standpoint that you can get your master’s degree without having to physically attend school, especially after work when you get out you’re in class for about three hours. You can do all this from home.

The track that I decided to pursue was the investment side. So, it was more of stockbroker analysis and all the financial aspects of the investment industry. I chose that because I’ve worked in investments for about 15 years and I wanted to further my career in that progression, in that track.
The classes that stood out to me were the classes that involved a lot of the sort of financial analysis, ‘cause those were courses that I didn’t have a lot of when I was in undergrad. And the other courses that you do a lot of is statistical analysis. Typically what I would do is I would go to the library and I would make sure I did everything before I did the lessons. And I always printed up the lessons so I had something on paper to refer to and so I could facilitate taking notes on.

It’s a great program. It allows you to complete your degree on your own time and at your own pace.

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