Faculty Interview: Finance Professor Jeffery Born

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Can chaos result in order? Professor Born, Online Master of Science in Finance faculty, has been studying chaos and order in financial settings for years, and in this video, he shares a few thoughts on the topic.


Hi, my name is Jeff Born. I’m the finance group coordinator. I’ve been the director of the executive MBA program and I was the senior associate dean for academic affairs when the online program was created.

I developed and teached the portfolio management course. This is an elective course for MBA students and it’s a required course for MSF students. And it’s a five-week offering and it’s everything you wanted to know about portfolio management, but were afraid to ask. The management economic course is the only economics course in our program and it provides students with an overview of both macro and microeconomics in a five-week term.

Most of my research has involved an analysis of how financial markets or how financial asset prices respond to new information coming into the marketplace. So, we’ve referred to these as event studies. I’ve done an enormous number of event studies in my career. Everything from how share prices react when companies change their dividend policy to how railroad company stocks react when there’s a major train wreck and loss of life and kind of everything in between. So, I’m really quite interested in how out of chaos comes order. The online program is a very important part of what we do and I’m just really happy to be a part of it.

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