Online MBA Graduates Video: The Flexibility of The Online MBA

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Jenna T:  Northeastern’s online program really fit my needs. Flexibility was important to me because sometimes my hours can be a little out there, and I need something that I could adapt to my own schedule.

Roderick T:  Just being able to make my own schedule and do these things in a timely manner. Five week classes are stressful, but it’s manageable. You can work a full time job and still get things done.

Denise M:  From anywhere you wanted to, you could plug in, listen to the lecture in real-time or the recording.

Travis R:  You’re in the comfort of your own home where you can be in your pajamas.

Roderick T:  The flexibility that I experienced while serving active duty was phenomenal.

Jenna T:  Northeastern is a prestigious school, and I definitely wanted to be part of that.

Denise M:  It’s really, really important now. You have that advance degree. I mean, I went on interviews, and the opinion of you is elevated when they see those three initials.

Jenna T:  I think it will give the competitive edge for any future promotions or any jobs elsewhere.