Online MBA: Exploring the International Field Study

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Online MBA students travel overseas for International Field Study

Innovations in communication, information, and transportation technologies transformed a once segmented compilation of national markets to an immense, competitive, and largely singular global market. Today’s business professionals must be familiar with this international environment to succeed in business. Designed to provide students such invaluable exposure to the global business sphere, international field study options built into MBA programs immerse participants in the culture of a country or region outside of the U.S.

The benefits of an international field study

International field study programs are invaluable components of hybrid MBAs with benefits that augment the value of earning an advanced degree. This experience allows students to:

Develop an international understanding

Study abroad programs enhance international business knowledge, giving students the hands-on experience to enrich classroom discussions of the global marketplace. When already exposed to American business, students can not only experience the differences in cultures and business environments but also grasp how the U.S. fits into the global picture. This understanding drives business leaders who can better navigate the global business arena and reduce culture gaps.

As such, students who participate in international business programs can develop new and expanded cultural perspectives, along with the critical skills that can help them compete in the global business environment.

Explore business outside of the classroom

International field study programs are distinctive learning experiences that allow students to travel with a relevant academic purpose. Led by Northeastern faculty, these courses offer a quality academic endeavor in a structure that facilitates an experiential approach to learning.

These study abroad programs include lectures led by business executives, talks by guest speakers, meetings with regional officials, partnerships with local universities, and visits to local, national, and multinational firms. Many programs also explore cultural and historical sites to further enhance the international learning experience. Students may choose to arrive ahead of the program or stay beyond the final day to continue traveling and further experience international markets. Learning beyond the online classroom setting exposes students to different business methods and success stories.

Build an international network

Along with exposure to the local culture, students interact with peers, executives, and academics they may have otherwise never met. These connections can potentially provide guidance and support in career progression or job opportunities in the future. This is an especially important benefit for business professionals who hope to work with companies that operate on a global level. This immersive learning experience offered by the international field study program is ideal for students who are enrolled in the Online MBA program and want to take advantage of in-person networking opportunities.

Stand out from other candidates

Highlighting an international learning experience on their resumes can present a competitive advantage when individuals apply for new positions, especially when seeking opportunities with global organizations. Many employers favor candidates who have a strong understanding of international business, including culture, standards, and laws that can enable and inform companies’ decision-making.

Northeastern’s Online MBA: Optional international field study

Northeastern University’s Online MBA program has an optional international field study available to students who choose to pursue it. While studying abroad isn’t required, this optional residency affords students firsthand exposure to international business markets to complement the concepts covered in the online classroom.

Designed with a curriculum that incorporates classes, guest speakers, cultural activities, and local company and university visits, the three-credit international field study residency course is an enriching academic experience.

Hybrid Online MBA programs provide students with the flexibility of distance learning while still offering an opportunity to engage in immersive residency opportunities. To learn more about the international field study offered through Northeastern’s Online MBA program, connect with an enrollment advisor.

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