Faculty Interview: International Business Professor Nicholas Athanassiou

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Nicholas Athanassiou: My research interests have focused primarily on top management teams of corporations that are internationalizing and what characteristics those teams have to have, but not only individually but also relationally. I’ve also done work with small businesses and family businesses on again, on internationalizing and they’re overall strategy formulation side of things. So those are the two areas that I’ve traditionally worked in.

Nicholas Athanassiou: And it’s interesting because the people that gravitate to this session are people who some of them have amazing experience in international business. Online, we have people who actually running the international business activities of their companies. You don’t get that in your full-time or part-time MBA program face to face in the classroom. The quality of discussions, particularly with the technology that is in place now, it can be phenomenal online. For me I’ve been teaching in the program since the beginning, I think, five, six years and it’s been terrific.