Online Business Student Spotlight: Bolduc, Yu, and Hitchcock (Part 1)

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Calvin Yu: The top motivator for why I want to pursue this degree was both for personal growth as well as being able to have a bit of a competitive edge going into potential new jobs or new careers.

Angela Bolduc: I was a psych and education major and thought I was going to be a teacher and I was just kind of dabbling in business while my husband got his MBA and then never left the business world and so there were times were that I joked that I felt like I was playing dress up because I’d never taken a business course, you know, I was in this job but I had very much on the job training.

Calvin Yu: From a personal standpoint, I found that learning more about business, marketing and entrepreneurship, subjects of which I’m very passionate about personally allowed me to really expand my knowledge and evolve the way I think about business.

Angela Bolduc: What I found is by getting my degree; my understanding of the topics is so much more deep and so with topics that I knew and could understand and converse about at a high level, I now can understand much deeper and contributes to the conversation that much more.

Matthew Hitchcock: I specifically picked Northeastern because of the curriculum. I really liked the way that it was laid out. I liked the concept of their being a broad base that was already set up front that covered kind of the core areas of taxation.

Calvin Yu: As I continue to progress in my career, there are a lot of management fundamentals that are being taught through these programs that are very useful for where I see myself growing in the future.

Angela Bolduc: I just think having that next level of confidence and to know that you have the background and can walk the walk and talk the talk, not just fake it till you make it.

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