Online MBA Student Spotlight: Kevin Sahotsky

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Watch Kevin discuss multiple benefits of our Online MBA program, from flexible scheduling to intercontinental communication with fellow students to achieving work-study-family balance while earning his Online MBA from Northeastern University.


My name is Kevin Sahotsky. I completed the online MBA program. I chose this program because of the flexibility that it provided. The online MBA made the most sense for me. I travel a little bit for work. I also like to have a work-life balance and it really provided for that freedom.

What surprised me most about online learning is the ability to interact with people in multiple geographies and really get a diverse swath of people to work with. The teams I worked on were pretty amazing. I worked with people that were in Asia, east, west coast. Places like Europe, which was really amazing as well.

You really get immersed in the online program and I carved out time to do family time and school time and a full-time job by really just understanding that the program is there, it’s online, it’s easy to go to work nine or 10 hours a day sometimes, but then come home and be able to work online. I guess it’s just easier than having to go to class every day for a set period of time. You can make time at 10:00 at night if you need to.

I would tell a friend or a colleague that’s considering this program that you do get amazing professors. You get a one-on-one experience with professors if you need that. You also get the experience of working at your own pace, though the pace is very fast. But you can have that free time when you need it and that work time when you need it as well.

The program has impacted my career in an incredibly positive way. I had a full-time job for a good period of time and I was on a great track. The MBA allowed me to take that next step in my career to an executive level and that’s been extremely positive. Personally, the MBA has given me the confidence to look forward with a lot of things that I do and push harder knowing that I have a great background from Northeastern University.

I had a great interaction with other students throughout my entire program. I had team assignments in every class, which was amazing. Typically 2-5 people and the interaction was on a weekly basis. I had great interaction with my professors as well.

What I would share with prospective studnets is if you’re thinking about doing an MBA, particularly an online MBA, Northeastern is an amazing place to do it. Great students, great professors. The delivery of the program is quite amazing. Using all the technologies you can imagine to have a really immersive experience. I would say also, don’t second guess yourself. It’s always worth it and I look back with the utmost happiness with how everything turned out.
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