Dual MBA / Master of Finance Student Spotlight: John Kelly

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What makes a great online business program? Watch this video and listen to John explain why he chose Northeastern, why he recommends the program, and how engaging online learning can be.


My name is John Kelly III and I completed the Online Dual MBA / Master of Science in Finance Degree with a specialization in International Business.

I chose Northeastern University for a few reasons. One being that their international degree is accredited by the AACSB. That was a big point of contention for me going into a master’s program. Also, they’re a nationally recognized and many people know about Northeastern and I felt like getting my master’s degree would have to come from a reputable institution.

I would highly recommend the program, one because it’s engaging. I really enjoyed, it was two and a half years it took me to complete my dual program online. And all the staff, in fact that I interacted with online and over the phone or in person were very helpful. All the students were proactive engaged so you felt like you were with a lot of people that had the same type of mission as you, which made the program much more whole.

After taking a lot of the business courses, I felt like I wanted to get more experience and the finance background and try to challenge myself. Also speaking with some of the other students, previous graduates and also people at student services they highly recommended the dual program. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The specialization that I pursued with Northeastern was the international business specialization. One reason why I had taken that is – while I was doing the program I was actually traveling internationally for work. I really wanted to get a better understanding of globalization and actually take some principals from the academic side and apply those to what I was doing and be able to broader my background for future career progress, which I hope to work abroad one day.

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