Online Master of Taxation Student Spotlight: Dorothy Larson

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This video features Online Master of Science in Taxation graduate Dorothy Larson talking about why she decided to pursue an Online Master of Science in Taxation, how it has helped her, and what it takes to be a successful online student.


It’s been interesting and a lot of people, because I’ve been in the tax profession for a number of years, a lot of people asked me why I was getting an advanced degree and didn’t I already know all that? And actually it’s been really helpful, the research, the skills, the tools, just refining my professional knowledge has been – it’s just been extremely useful. It’s been amazing how often something would come up in a class and would come up with a client at the same time and I was able to mesh those skills and the tools with the needs of my client.

I would say look around, make sure that you think it’s the best fit for you. Make sure that you think that learning online works for you because there is a lot of self-discipline involved. But then that’s one of the best benefits of the program. It actually taught me better disciplined skills as well. I would just tell ‘em to compare to other programs and I think they’d be really impressed with the Northeastern program.

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