Graduate Career Center Services Overview

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Welcome to the overview of the services offered by the Graduate Career Center at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. I am Jay Allschwang and will be your presenter today. In addition, I’m the career advisor for the online MBA program and its alumni. Why don’t we get started by taking a look at the agenda.

We’ll be talking about the Graduate Career Center, services that we have for conducting a job search, the global talent system, additional career resources that we have available to you, and we will wrap it up by my sharing my contact information with you.

You have a dedicated career advisor and as I indicated that person is myself. So, I’ll be working with you not only while you’re in the program, but again as you become an alum. You have career services for life.

The counseling that is offered that I do is experiential based. It’s based upon the experiences that I have had as a job seeker, which unfortunately has been more than I ever thought I would be doing. But also from people that I know and also sharing my experiences when I was in human resources because, at various times, I was that person that you had to get through to try to get that job and to get that interview. So, I try to make it as experiential based as I possibly can, which is the most relevant for you.

There’s a wide range of search and resources that we will offer for you both in terms of meeting with myself, but also online. What our services can do is they can take out your career goals, help you define them and refine them, talk about leveraging your current networking process, but also increasing your network. And also taking and implementing a job search strategy or designing one from scratch or modifying one that you have.

One question that’s always asked is the level of service. And the one thing I wanna let you people know is that even though it’s an online program, you receive the same level of access and support as if you were on campus. There’s no difference.

In terms of eligibility, if you wanna use my services and talk to me, you need to be halfway through your program. If you have completed those credits and have a 3.0, I will send you an eligibility form. You will complete the top half of it, send the bottom half to your academic advisor for them to review and approve and they will send it to me. Once I receive that, I will send you the information. However, prior to that, you have access to other resources and we will be talking about that in a later slide.

In terms of conducting a search, we have the advising, coaching, counseling available to you in conducting a job search. One of the first things would be a review of your resume. We have some specific guidelines that we use and ask our students and alums to format their resume in. It’s a format that employers have told us they like to see.

In the resume development guidelines document which you will receive once you are halfway through the program, there’s a template for the resume, verbiage in terms of what you should do constructing each one of the various sections. There’s sample resumes included in it also. So, there’s a lot of information in there that you can use as you’re putting your resume together.

Once you have followed that guideline and reformatted your resume, we ask that you put it through an analytical software program that we have call VMark. VMark will grade your resume against other Northeastern student’s resumes and offer you suggestions for strengthening it. Once you’ve received a score of 75 on it, please then send me the resume, I will review it, tweak it, edit, make suggestions and send it back to you for your review. And then once it’s approved, you’ll have even greater access to services that we offer. We also offer cover letter review. And again, in that resume development guideline document that I mentioned, there are sample cover letters for you to use.

In terms of your strategy for networking, we can talk about how to network, key features of it, things to keep in mind. LinkedIn is one way that we wholeheartedly endorse in terms of helping you with your networking and networking with alumni through LinkedIn works. Networking people think is just something that you use for job search. It really isn’t. It’s sort of a way of life as I put it because once you’re in a company, whether it’s your current company or when you land with a new opportunity, you should be networking.

Get to know the people that are around you because they can help you in terms of mobility within their current organization, or when they move on to other companies, they become part of your network and can help you as you may wanna change jobs at that point in time.

One of my favorite networking strategies in terms of the way you deal out the network is I was talking to one of our alums who was asking me some questions about preparing for an upcoming interview. So, I said to him hey how did you get the lead for the job? He said well I play soccer on Sunday mornings and one of the guys I play with gave me the contact. So, you just never know where that contact is coming from.

In terms of preparing for an interview, we can strategize about questions you should ask, questions you might be asked, walk you through that process. We can also do a mock interview if that’s something that you would wanna go through. We do this on a regular basis, so that would not be an issue.

And finally, you’ve gone through the whole process, you finally have a verbal offer, followed by a written offer, but you wanna negotiate your starting salary. We can talk about strategies to do that without alienating your new company, but hopefully they get you where you wanna be from a salary standpoint. So, again those are the services that we can offer to you in the job search.

GTS or Global Talent System is out online job resource site. There are many resources on it. For instance, Hoover’s, which is a database that you can use to create a target job list as you do your job search. It typically is a fee based database, but because you have access to GTS, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Career Insider by Vault. Vault is a major player in the career resource industry. Been around for a while and have some great information on managing a career, job seeking, things to look for. Glassdoor will give you salary information that you can use as you’re out job hunting. But also, there are reviews by employees on their employers which can be helpful too. Golden Global is another resource that you will find on GTS. Golden Global will give you information about what it’s like to work in various cities, both domestically and internationally and you’ll find it very helpful.

There are also jobs that are posted on the site. These are jobs that are posted just for the most recent students. But other jobs that are posted from other companies that are part of the GTS community. In order to have access to view those job postings and apply for those jobs, your resume needs to be approved by me. So, it’s important that if you decide to do this, that you follow that format and get your resume approved by myself.

There are additional resources that we also offer. There are networking events. These are held throughout the year. There are two career expos and three networking events which are really held on a seasonal basis, one spring, one summer and the holiday one. Networking is the way you will find your next job. If you read literature they tell you 80% of the jobs come from networking. My guess is it’s considerably higher than that. So, this gives you an opportunity to practice your networking skills and to attend networking events.

We offer webinars throughout the year that are conducted from other career advisors in the graduate career center. And then there are also, put up on our website because they’ve been taped and you can use them and view them later on at your leisure. Some of the topics that are covered are making the most of career fairs, writing a cover letter, a couple on interviewing, a couple on conducting a targeted job search, relationship development, using LinkedIn, a couple of those, personal branding and writing a resume.

In addition, we have a graduate career center services brochure which is available to you, the centerpiece of which is a career management plan. And basically what it is a chart or graph with various components in the job search that may comprise a job search. And, depending upon what you want in the program, which stage you should be in. And then there’s also an explanation of the various stages in that brochure, as well as a list of other resources that are available to you.

As I’ve indicated before, you have lifetime access to the graduate career center and to a career advisor. You can find the list of webinars and the webinars themselves on the website that is listed there. Also on that website, you can find templates for resumes and also for creating a networking profile. So, there’s a lot of information on that site.

Finally, here is my contact information. My email address is and my phone number is 617.373.5940. Please keep in mind that I’m in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

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