Business Graduate Degree Professional and Personal Impact

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Listen to five Northeastern University graduates discuss how earning a graduate business degree has impacted them both professionally and personally. Plus, watch as they talk about some of their favorite aspects of the online graduate program.


Kevin Sahotsky:
The program has impacted my career in an incredibly positive way. I had a full-time job for a good period of time and I was on a great track. The MBA allowed me to take that next step in my career to an executive level and that’s been extremely positive. Personally, the MBA has given me the confidence to look forward with a lot of things that I do and push harder knowing that I have a great background from Northeastern University.

Amy Brown:
Professionally, it was immediate. I was given a promotion in June. I just finished a program in August. My employer saw how dedicated I was to my schoolwork as well as managing my day-to-day work obligations. So, it was immediate for me.

Brian Pellegrini:
It allowed me to more directly implement the things that I had learned at my job. And it’s allowed me to take on a new role as – a more senior role.

Isabela Danielsen:
Wonderful point that Northeastern makes is to ensure that the faculty is available to support students, even from a distance. Those interactions were fantastic because it taught me skills that actually I applied today at my work ‘cause around 75% of what I do is done with facilities all over the world. So, that ability to actually do what we do every day, WebEx or teleconference or being able to actually provide a work product to a teacher after doing the work that wasn’t necessarily done in the same location actually enriched my life very much and enriched my ability to do my job. I was able to apply that directly into what I do on a day-to-day basis.

Jordan Erskine:
The program has impacted me a lot. Already a couple months before I was completing the program, I was already having a lot of job offers and even promotion opportunities within the company that I work for.
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